Thursday, January 15, 2015

Demons and Angels Dance at TOB

The Olive Branch held a very successful Demons and Angels dance on January 14, 2015, with more than 40 people total joining during the 2 hour long festivities and an average of around 30 present at any one time.

The Dance was hosted by Melinda Nyn and Lia (Naharlia, who also came up with the concept for the show). DJ Abby (Nightgirl Destiny) provided the music, and all the songs she played dealt with angel and demons, or heaven and hell, which added very nicely to the overall atmosphere!

The venue was a stunning work of art designed and built by Mili Adored, with Melinda providing some stylistic cues. Beautiful statues of angels and demons created especially for the show by my girl Linda (lb burnstein) were placed strategically around the cube-like environment.

The venue was divided into two floors, with a transparent floor between them. A misty fog provided a particularly supernatural ambiance to  the environment, although I filtered it out from my pictures in order to get clear shots of the event.

The "Heavenly" upper floor had blue skies with clouds surrounding it, and this is where people first congregated during the start of the dance.

The lower floor that depicted "Hell" was even more stunning. A maelstrom of dark red flames  swirled below the dancers, who were surrounded by walls of desolate but majestic vistas where angelic and demonic statuary cavorted and flew. In the center of this infernal landscape, a statue of a demon carrying a fallen angel rose from the flames to dwarf the dancers.

Looking up from the floor below, one could see the dancers above, although given the crowd that day, I doubt many envied them their place in Heaven.

Looking up to Heaven

I must admit I had seen the beginnings of this venue during the Night of the Asshats, but the final version still stunned me. From afar, the entire set looked like a colorful Borg cube (yes, I was a Trekkie when growing up *shamed embarrassed look*).

Colorful Borg Cube
Compliments about the venue were many and loud, and Melinda promised to pass them all along to Mili and Linda, both of whom could not attend the event.

The event also featured a contest, whereby people could vote for the best female and male in costume. About 20 women signed up for the best female costume, and around 10 men signed up for the best male costume, and when the winners were announced near the end of the dance, MarthaJT won best female costume, and Lucian Overland won the best male costume.

Board for best female costume
This was the second major event held by TOB that I have attended, and like the 1960s Beatles Dance held earlier, the time and effort spent on its preparation was plainly evident and a major contributor to its success.

Thanks again to Melinda, Mili, Lia, Linda and all others who worked so hard to give us such a good time!

More pics from the dance (with misty fog again removed):

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