Friday, January 9, 2015

Night of the Asshats

The Asshats Gang: Lia, Meli, Mk, and Linda
Warning: graphic depiction of butt paraphernalia and other things related or semi-related to people's derriere. The author will not be held responsible for any vomiting, fainting, or partial blindness caused by reading this article.

For some reason, Linda is particularly fascinated with the word 'asshat' (and no, it's not because she thinks I'm one!), and yesterday she got me a gift and asked that I wear the hat she had given me. Being an honest and innocent soul, I had visions of it being some classy Fedora, or maybe even a macho cowboy hat.

I put it on with neither thought nor worry, and suddenly found her bursting out laughing!

I looked up and did a Home Alone moment...yes, THAT Home Alone moment!

There was an ass on my head...with toilet paper sticking out of it, and some really nasty hairs growing out of the butt cheeks!

Disclaimer: In both RL and SL, I have a rather juicy, tight butt that sometimes causes women to faint in delight...NO hairs either cause that's just...ewww... Ok, back to the story.

The next day we were chilling and dancing with the people who are responsible for putting together the Angels and Demons event at TOB next week. I was having some fun as the girls started giving me various dance animations to test, although Lia (Naharlia) kept trying (but failing!) to animate me with something called Bellydance.

I mean, come on...I may be fun-loving and nice, but I DO have my dignity ;-)

It was at that moment (after they had started dancing with cows - ahem, don't ask) , that Linda and I put them on again, and after awhile she gave ones to Melinda and Lia as well.

Making noises: Meli, MK, Lia, and Linda Lou
Then we partied the night away, with Mili Adored and Hunter Teodosio being the only ones who retained any semblance of dignity, as they watched us shimmy and wiggle and waggle on the dance floor.

And that was how the Night of the Asshats ended - not with a bang, but with a lot of farting sounds (yes, the darn things make farting noises when touched - sighs).

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