Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MIRP Engines and the upcoming Tusk: Revenge of the Matriarch Sex Toy

The first sex toy we made was a bare table that had some simple sex animations built in, the whole contraption being powered by MLPV2. It was a good learning experience, but the animation was bad, and it was buggy (lol). I remember frantically trying to do some fixes while on vacation in Las Vegas last November 2011, while my partner fielded irate customers.

That product (which we pulled out of the store  a long time back) was also a revelation in that we realized making generalized sex toys for the market that was indistinguishable from the tons of sex beds, mattresses, and sofas out there was kinda boring.

So the next three products we made all had (to some degree) some SETTING and STORY to them.

This made them all much more interesting to make, which I've found is a prime consideration in SL.

I started calling the products "MIRPEs" or "Micro Role Play Engines" because they all facilitated specialized and more narrowed RP, unlike the generalized tables and beds and BDSM equipment out there. In the case of the Plumber's Pleasure toy, our last MIRPE, we even rezzed white storyboards in the background of certain poses (lol).

For the upcoming Tusk sex toy, we'd love to be able to take the engine to the next level in sophistication, with a more complex storyline and the introduction of animated bots as part of the system.

It'll definitely be a challenged to make, and I'm sure we'll learn quite a bit trying to make it work, but I'm also sure there will be some fun had in the making.

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