Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Alanis Gallery Closing!

Before I spent most of my time in Austin, Alanis Gallery had been one of the few D/s-BDSM sims I regularly visited, and the vast majority of the artwork I have bought over the years has been from their offerings. Linda too spent some time at that sim, and both of us know the co-owner Michiel.

Alanis also has one of the more unusual examples of objectification in SL, which I highlighted in a blog post.

I'm sad that the place is closing, but I am happy that it has lasted for so long and created so many memories for its visitors and regulars.

Good luck to Michiel and Sylvia in their new endeavors, and thanks for all the memories x
Dear Friends, Alanis Patrons and Angels 
With much heartache, but also a great deal of pride, I am sad to announce that Alanis Gallery Sensual Images - which has sought to bring the best of RL erotic art into SL since 2008 - will be closing on July 29th 2017 after a glorious decade of exhibitions. 
For some time, my RL circumstances have prevented my making more than fleeting visits to SL and it looks as if this will be the case for the foreseeable future. In addition, my SL partner, Michiel Seetan, will have less time for SL in the near future because of a change in his RL circumstances.
I would like to thank Laz and his team for latterly hosting Alanis in the wonderful sim of Xaara. Long may it prosper! I urge all Members of Alanis Group who are not already Members of Xaara Community Group to join that Group NOW. Copy and paste < secondlife:///app/group/ f67ddcaa-f402-63ac-d603- bdbf14cb4a1b/about > into Local Chat to create a live link to the Group.
I will rebuild the old Alanis Pavilion inside the Gallery grounds for a Farewell Ball on 24th July at 1:00pm SLT to thank all our supporters, customers and many friends. I hope to see you all there to chat over old times and look to the future.  
With much love,
Sylvia Fitzpatrick, owner of Alanis Gallery Sensual Images 

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