Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This is the way things will be...

This is the way things will be.

I will never tell you to subsume your personality

into some Stepford caricature of what others think a true submissive should be.

You attracted me by being the way you are,

so why would I be foolish enough to change that?

Dominance and submission are not absolute,

and exist only within the orbit of a relationship,

their beautiful intricacies opaque to the prying eyes of those outside.

In this universe that we have built there is only you and me,

and the consensual pact that binds us together in D/s harmony.

I will provide the environment where you can flower and learn

and be happy, and this is what I will ask of you in return.

Listen to me when i speak.

Obey me when I command.

Be transparent to my gaze, and honest in your replies.

Feel me in the cusp of your orgasms,

and remember me in the minutiae of your daily life.

Greet me with the coming of the dawn,

and think of me when the realities of the day melt into the foamy dreamscapes of night.

That is all I ask of you my love, my darling, my exquisite submissive.

Shall we dance?

- by MK (from Austin, Summer 2016)

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