Monday, May 16, 2016

Quote of the Month (May 2016)

Groucho Linda waiting to surprise her Master
This was what I saw the first time I read Linda's public profile around 2 years back:

Live, Love, Laugh often. I like dancing, laughing, harleys, and very dominant men. For goodness sakes, just try to have some fun and don't worry about being so dang cool. Let's go jump off a roof!! .....Just enjoy life and let's get kinky!

It was bubbly, to the point, and oh so true (well, minus the jumping off the roof thing, and in public maybe the kinky thing), and its very exuberance probably strengthened my attraction to the writer of the profile.

I have pretensions to being a Taoist, and although I am by nature not really a fun type guy (I was called Mr. Spock during high school for my cold logical demeanor), I admired the sentiment expressed by this girl in the bright orange outfit.

Often in life we start forgetting that in the end, it's all about trying to find happiness (though without compromising ourselves or hurting others)...and by that I mean not simply trying to derive happiness from without, but finding the inner deeper joy from within ourselves.

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