Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Alang Welcome Back Party

I attended the welcome back party for Alang Fall at the Tiaki pool and dance area on the night of May 29 at the invitation of my friend Meryl Helendale.

DJ Rina spun the tunes, and there were a ton of people who came, more than 30. Some were Austin people like Meli, Mari, Aimee, Kate Crest (kassandragirl Resident), Hunter Teodosio and Aria Teodosio (Aria Vyper); a few were from other sims who I already knew such as abby (lornaabigail Resident), daks (Dakota50 Resident), Tita Maertens, NH Allen and rina (SubRina Wildrose); but the rest were likely regulars of Tiaki, most of whom I had not met before.

I spent most of the time talking to Mari, but did chime in once in awhile. On the whole, it was an entertaining party, and I'm glad Alang is back.

More pics below:

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