Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rice Wars Episode V and two-thirds: Interlude

The content in this post is rated TMA for lots of tooting, acrobatic mayhem, and a willfull and blatant assault on the human olfactory organ (aka nose).

I finally managed to get some downtime and soaked in the new hot tub that my mischievous subbie had gotten for our home. It was the end of a horrible week, when I saw most of my crops devastated by the depredations of the ravenous Linda and her co-conspirator, the dastardly Melinda, and I was in the midst of a long crying jag when the two suddenly appeared after one of their usual shopping sprees.

I was really getting into my "Dom in Distress" schtick by this time, complete with sobbing and grief stricken tears running down my fat cheeks, and after a few snickers, they were determined to console me. They quickly donned their sexy two-piece swim suits and joined me in the hot, steaming, swirling waters.

I have to admit it. The two girls had finally shed all the weight they had gained during their rampage through the rice fields, and there is nothing that will take a man's mind off his problems faster than two gorgeous women caressing, stroking, cuddling, and cooing at you..... even if those same two women were the CAUSE of the problems in the first place!!!!

As Linda sometimes says: "oyyyyyy!!!"

Anyways, suffice it to say that there were lots of bubbles (and not all from the whirlpool air jets - someone who shall remain nameless admitted after a few "accidents" that she had been eating cheese enchiladas, rice and BEANS!); lots of stroking of my muscular torso (playing with nipples WAS encouraged!); and lots of aerial acrobatics when I dared Linda to say a bad word and, true to form, my little barbie doll said it and started having seizures right there in the pool.

After we managed to calm her down (and attend to my slightly bruised forehead), I took off

and that's how it ended, with everyone fully sated and content. I hope you enjoyed this episode of As the Whirlpool Whirls. Now back to our regular programming.,,,Naked Sushi Tables!

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