Saturday, June 20, 2015

Setting up a 1950s photoshoot

Gonna miss my little boo
I'll be missing my little color-coordinated barbie doll this coming week, but we did manage to start preparing for a 1950s photoshoot that Lilian Howley would be doing.

I've found the process of preparing for it somewhat interesting.

First of all, we needed outfits for both of us that would be in line with that period of time.

Linda had some clothes that fit the 1950s mold, but i decided to shop around anyways for a couple more outfits to fatten up the selection. Plus, I liked dressing up my little boo, an alarming discovery similar to when I first realized I liked mixing and matching my own outfits a while back!

1950s Betty Dress
In my case, and as always for the males, the process was quite a bit easier, and I decided some suit would do just fine for the shoot.

The next step would be to create or find animations and poses for the shoot.

For this step, we decided to test out one of the chairs that we had stumbled upon at Austin, which was called a Dutchie maledom club chair, and which I thought was rather overpriced in the MP at 5000 Lindens.

In addition to the usual sex and pre-sex poses and animations, it had several categories that I found might serve our purposes.

The first one, called HIS, contained about 6 or 7 poses that were very D/s related. I loved some of the more dignified poses, but a few were outright funny, with the girl worshiping the Dom's feet for example.

One of the HIS poses
The second called SERVE contained some poses where the girl would be providing some servile work for the seated Dom such as serving drinks, while the last category called TLC had some rather nice poses where the affection between the Dom and his sub was in full display.

One of the TLC poses
In the end, we thought the chair would serve nicely as a prop during the shoot, though we're still on the lookout for other props.

A kitchen scene perhaps? ;-)

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