Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Olive Branch: A Year of Growth

We attended the first year anniversary dance at TOB on May 20.

The celebration had started at 12 SLT, but a scheduled discussion at Austin had delayed our arrival until around 1 pm SLT.

I don't believe it is necessary for me to point out to readers who have visited TOB how absolutely gorgeous the scenery is in that sim. In my opinion, I've never frequented another sim that has managed to synchronize all the components of the setting to create such a wonderfully complete gestalt, and this includes comparisons to universally acknowledged paragons of beauty like Tempura.

Linda and I
Incredibly enough, the designers managed to outdo themselves for this event. The landing point of the sim had been redesigned with stone ramparts and looked quite fetching compared to when I last went there.

Landing Point
Guests would then walk along a narrow and winding dirt path to get to the dance location. A moss covered stone wall delineated the path from the surrounding vegetation, which all tended towards temperate woodlands.

Path to Olive Seed Garden
The path ended at a stone archway, with a wooden sign proclaiming that this was the entrance to the Olive Seed Gallery.

Entrance to Olive Seed Gallery
The dance location itself had been festooned with large images of many of the TOB members, which hang from moss-covered walls and various easels, and all framed by majestic trees covered in lavender blooms.

There were dozens and dozens of portraits spread out among the various sections that made up the gallery, but after some confusion and a lot of scanning I even managed to locate our pic with the help of Sage (SageWisdom).

When we finally arrived late, there were still many people dancing gracefully to the tunes of DJ Jeroen, all of them dressed in their finest regalia. Melinda Nyn and Damion (cyberdami Resident) were dancing there, as were Billy and Sage Avedon.

We spent the next hour enjoying ourselves as we pirouetted and glided under the protective canopy of the ancient verdant trees that crowded around the gallery.

At the end a colorful display of fireworks lit up the night sky.

It was definitely an amazing way to celebrate the first year anniversary of The Olive Branch!

Note: If you took pics of your own, feel free to contact me for posting.

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