Friday, May 22, 2015

Lingerie Dance at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

Sometimes it pays to listen to your sub. Even someone as mischievous as Linda!

There I was, dressed up in somewhat conservative Disney PJs and monkey slippers for the Austin Lingerie Dance, when my baby girl suddenly blurted out why I didn't wear an elephant thong she had given me several months back.

When I demurred and said I couldn't find it in my inventory, the always helpful Linda immediately posted a link to one in marketplace, and since I loathed being regarded as a dinosaur and oldie and uncool, I just as quickly bought it and wore the darn thing.

I may have had second thoughts, but they were washed away when Melinda Nyn told me some other doms would wear thongs if I wore one (ha!)

Something tells me I just lost whatever dignity I had left...thanks baby!
The Lingerie Dance itself on May 21 at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin was being done twice. The first one at 1 pm SLT was being hosted by Melinda with DJ Abby scheduled as the DJ (though the actual DJ was Jonathon Carbenell), and the second at 4 pm SLT was also hosted by Melinda but the DJ was Stormy Dench.

The venue was another artistic piece of work by Aria Teodosio (Aria Vyper), a huge pinkish lingerie shop that screamed 1950s to me, and made me want to keep buying lingerie until they revoked my Mastercard (or dragged me away from the aisles knee deep in lace and silk and other frilly things).

I keep thinking about Back to the Future when seeing Meli's Lingerie Shop
Interestingly enough, a fitting room to the back of the shop displayed various BDSM equipment, which elicited blushes from the host when I asked about them and wondered whether Macy's and other departments stores should have some on display as well.

Some of the contraptions that were in Meli's Lingerie Shop (taken after event)
Another interesting thing about the festivities was that two of the girls (Michele Aria and Julie Tremont) posed in lingerie on the store windows during the first hour.

Aria mannequin
This reminded me of the Alanis Angels in Alanis Gallery, who frequently are required to pose as inanimate statues on that art sim.

Julie mannequin
The dance started out with couples and singles dancing, but soon people gravitated towards the line dancing poses.

I had the sudden urge to sing the Thong Song
For the first hour and a half or so, I danced with my baby girl, whose slender form was decked out in a sexy Aveline cheongsam lingerie, before she had to leave for RL.

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? Oh hell no, it's an orange elephant!!!!
Then I danced with Meli, who seemed to be rather intimidated by the garishly orange pachyderm protruding from my thong (lol)

Orange phants love pink English ladies!
Later that night I returned to find people (including Ratzu!) still line dancing long after the second session had ended...and when you see something like that you know the event has been an overwhelming success.

Deeperblue (DeeperBlue00 Donogal) took an amazing video of the line dancing that happened during this second session. Take a look at it below. Thanks Deeperblue!

Congrats to pink lady Melinda Nyn for hosting another great event; Aria for creating another masterpiece venue; and to the DJs for providing awesome music to the gathered crowds!

More pics from the second session, courtesy of Meli...

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