Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Hunt Color Coding System

After a bout of furious activity working on the Hunt project, we're happy to say it'll probably be released within the next week.

We also developed a rather interesting method of marking the prey in the hunt so as to better inform participants of the status of the game.

We did this by setting up a ball that would float above the head of the prey and change color as the game progresses.

A RED BALL above the prey's head signifies an inactive prey, one who has donned the Prey Mark (an attachment in the game that a prey needs to wear) but has not REGISTERED himself or herself as the designated prey

A YELLOW BALL above the prey's head signifies that the prey has registered herself as the designated prey. She can do this by simply touching the ball on her head. There can only be one designated prey per game.

A GREEN BALL above the prey's head signifies that the game has started and the prey is now  a legitimate target of the tranq gun- wielding hunters. Hunters who try to shoot the prey when she is not active will find that their gun does not respond to firing commands.

A final BLACK BALL above the prey's head signifies that this prey has been overcome and that the game is over. The name of the winner of the game (the one who scored the most hits) will be displayed as floating text above the black ball.

When this winner approaches the incapacitated prey, a leash will automatically form between the hunter and the prey which will allow the winner to drag the prey around.

At this point, we have decided not to include any other RLV to the game system.

Thanks to fetish model Tinka for the images above.

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