Thursday, June 6, 2013

Angel Hunt in Alanis?

Alanis Gallery has always been a favorite haunt of mine, not really for the excitement level at the place, but for the beautiful erotic artwork in the galleries. More recently, my Tinka girl became an Alanis Angel, so we both have some attachment to the place.

By chance the next product that we'll be rolling out is a Hunt system, which allows any landowner to suddenly host hunt parties for guests. No need to visit laggy sims, which are usually crawling with the dregs of SL.

The Hunt System, which is derived from one of the DM Tusk games, allows people to designate a Prey, with all the other participants being Hunters, and set a time limit for a Hunt, in which the Hunters use tranquilizer guns to try to score points off the fleeing Prey.

The system keeps tracks of the scores, and the Hunter who accumulates the most scores after the game gets to keep the prey. I might add RLV to the system such that the winning Hunter automatically gets to leash the fallen Prey.

As part of the rollout of the product, we became interested in gifting the product to Alanis Gallery and organizing Angel Hunts in the sim. Tinka and I are in the process of putting together a proposal for such a  Hunt, and I have spoken to Serena Mist of You're the One to help build a statue or similar object that is related to Angels to hold the DM Hunt system in Alanis. More updates hopefully are soon to come.

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