Sunday, April 9, 2017

Late night spanking discussion at Austin

I was at the cafe just chit-chatting with people on the night of April 6 when I found out Herc Mubble would be having his informal discussion at 9 SLT,

I had never attended one of those, so I decided to stay on a bit longer.

Avril had dropped in earlier as well, and the little cutie sat on my lap and tried to decapitate me with her floppy rabbit ears as the rather large crowd had a great time talking about spanking and its implements.

Unlike a normal discussion, there was no mandatory use of "@" and "#" to signify who could talk and when they would end, so it was a bit chaotic. However, the discussion flowed at a fast and furious pace, so there are so,me advantages to the informal nature of the event.

Attendees included:

GIS Amiata Carpathia (Amiata Resident)
O-girl Avril (Avril Aura)
O-girl dani (Daniela McGinnis)
O-girl Frosty (thorgrimsinga Resident)
Master Herc Mubble
Dom-O MK (monkeyking2011 Resident)
GIS Ny (Nyleni Resident)
Master Ratzu Darkstone
Master RB (RB Quan)
Alumni Screwtape (Screwtape Foulsbane)
O-girl Sweetness Whitesong
GIS Syndra Rothmanay (SyndraOfFinwe Resident)
GIS Tara (tarailene Resident)
GIS xyla (XylaMarie Resident)

Perhaps a couple of others that I missed.

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