Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Enchanted Forest/Melinda Birthday Dance at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

Ratzu wondering why the heck MK is doing a vogue in front of the poster
The stage was set, and boy was the stage fantastic looking. Aria Vyper had created a setting that could have been taken from some famous surrealist painting, or from a cell drawn by the very best Pixar animators.

Sage Avedon (sagewisdom) Aria, Marcus Massaro, and some other friends of Melinda had conspired to set up a surprise celebratory dance for the birthday girl. Sage hosted the event while DJ Painthorse Graysmark provided the music.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's an invasion of fairies and gnomes!!!!
Get Peter Jackson over here pronto!
From the air, the venue glittered like some precious emerald, and a crowd gathered quickly while Marcus kept Melinda busy. A big banner on one wall proclaimed Happy Birthday Melinda.

Sexy Avril looks on in front of the banner
Masters and Doms could come in suits or costumes, but the girls were encouraged to come as fairies, pixies, and other elemental forest folk.

MK 'The Wallflower' tries to look cool as the Fairy Folk gather and dance
When Melinda was brought in, she was almost beside herself with emotion, exclaiming:

I'm shocked...I have never had a party like this before! Beyond my wildest dreams...I never expected....I am just overcome with you all ;) I just got my supper and was telling my husband how wonderful you are and how you are better friends than most I have in rl!

Melinda surprised
And it was a great dance party, though there was lag present so I could not get video of the event. The list of people attending included many of Melinda's closest friends:

Aga Cisse
Aimee (ifyouseekaimee.swansen)
Aisha Sohl
Alek Ampan
Aria Teodosio
Avril Aura
Billy Avedon
Damion (Cyberdami)
Domi Galli
Drayton Sands
Fia (fiammetta1981)
Forest of Azure
Julie Tremont
Kelly (kellymysterious)
Kurt (kurt8)
LG (Lord Glasswing)
Lilian Howley
Liss (LissomePrey)
Marcus Massaro
Mari Carducci
Melinda Nyn
Painthorse Graymark
Sage Avedon
Sean Woodrunner
Sergej Lubitsch
William (williamwhipp)

I contented myself with taking pics and vid clips while the dance progressed, then near the end danced for awhile with Mari.

More images from the amazing event below. If I mislabeled some avatars or have not identified them, feel free to contact me to update them.

William and Kelly

Mari and Sergej look on

Fia in her elemental fire spirit costume

Sage and Billy watch it come together

Liss getting it on!

Avril and MK with Damion and Lilian

Kurt and Julie

Aga and Marcus

Billy and Sage

Mari and MK


Marcus and Melinda

Fia and Aisha in white

Aga and Alek (?)

Fia and Sean (?)

Crux Maximus!
Forest of Azure

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