Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A morning chat at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

Ecstasy baby and Master Crack
It's always nice to have a good round of chat at the Cafe in Austin. There has been a surge in new applicants lately and the new faces certainly add to the busy and friendly ambiance. Linda and Melinda Nyn sat by my feet for awhile until Marcus showed up, at which point I had my baby girl leap onto my lap for some closetime.

While Frank Lardner tried to grill one of the new applicants (Bahkana Hadazuma) over the hubbub and Meme (sozome) gave him a taste of the pleasures awaiting him at Austin, the rest of us went from topic to topic, touching on music bands, sex on the lovebug during the 1960s (ahem), Master Crack and  his Ecstasy Baby, lesbian pillow fights (double ahem!), putting my backrubs up for auction (which is funny considering the only backrubs i give involve floggers), and horror movies. I also got called a "mean old man" by Avril after I called Linda a "crackhead" *rolls eyes*

Some of the other people there were:

Avril (avril.aura)
Bahkana Hadazuma
Fia (fiammetta1981)
Frank Lardner
Jata Wrigglesworth
Jonathon Carbenell
kelly (kellymysterious)
Marcus (marcusmassaro)
Meme (sozome)
Orchid (orchid.zsun)
Tish Sorbet
Ulrika Tomsen
William (williamwhipp)

Later that day, at voice chat, I had bouts of downtime for my earbuds, and it was only through sheer luck that I managed to find out Ecstasy Baby was secretly trying to auction me off in lederhosen and wooden shoes! *smh*

All I can say is...it's time for drastic measures!

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