Wednesday, May 31, 2017

"Sammi Bared" Art Exhibit

I attended the opening of the "Sammi Bared" Art Exhibit at Austin.

The exhibit consisted of poems and verse by Austin's resident poet, O-girl sammi (SamDelainey Resident), merged into graphics by O-girl ivy rose (ivy1 Resident), and sponsored by Ivy's Master Duke (Dukexxl Resident).

More than 23 people jostled in the small room to wonder at the items presented, which included some moving poems that touched on the essence of D/s.

After, a dance with DJ Benros was held to commemorate the opening.

sub-O amiata Carpathia
O-girl aqua (Aqua Fearne)
Tyro Benros Karlfeldt
Dom-O Billy Avedon
Applicant carla Feiri
Master Duke (Dukexxl Resident)
O-girl ivy rose (ivy1 Resident)
O-girl jen Umaga
jillian Karas
GIT laila (lelie Baxton)
Habitue Liss (LissomePrey Resident)
Tyro Marco (Munxar Magic)
Dom-O Marcus Massaro
sub-O melinda Nyn
Tyro Michael Blackmountain
Dom-O MK
Rejoining pupsy Hastings
Master Rafe Allardyce
Master ratzu Darkstone
Valet Remington Rothmanay
O-girl sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident)
Sam Baxton
O-girl sammi (SamDelainey Resident)
GIT syndra Rothmanay
Master WW (worldwide Pedalo)

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