Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gossip Girls (Austin Style)

Bahkana's philosophical discussions after the voice chat
Although I was somewhat under the weather, I managed to catch part of the Tuesday voice chat at Austin. Linda had the night free, and I figured it would be nice to hang out with my little subbie for awhile. Plus, beneath this calm, macho (and sexy! let's not forget that!) exterior lies the heart of a true tattler, and one can never tell what sort of juicy gossip might flow out of the chitter chatter of the girls in these events, where literally anything might happen.

In between bouts of Linda's pet dog yowling at some workman and a nice rendition of happy birthday for Avril, talk swirled around the rumor that one of the girls had gotten "knocked up" with twins (from two different fathers no less!), and advice about eating pickles and getting toasters, hoodies, and DNA testing kits for the mother to be.

It was not all exciting optimistic conversation though. I also ended up getting jilted by Marcus (don't ask!), and Linda denied that we had been going "steady" when she had brazenly offered herself up for auction in September 2014, going so far as to declare (I paraphrase) "If you want it, get a ring on it!" (smh and fumbles for the flogger).

Later that night, my boo and I attended Bahkana's philosophical discussion along with Meli, Ratzu, Aqua, and Screwtape, before retiring to the Cafe and having some late evening laughs with Aqua and Fia.

Sitting in on Bahkana's discussion
Although I was out of sorts and sick, being with Linda never fails to cheer me up, so all in all, it was another interesting end to the day.

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