Friday, April 25, 2014

The ebb and flow of sales

We seem to have gotten a spike in the number of rental boxes sold, which is a good thing for cutie Lemur.

It's funny selling items here in SL. We don't really advertise, and so we're dependent on the search order ranking in the marketplace, and that ranking seems to depend a lot on the price of an item and how many times it was bought earlier, so there's a positive feedback loop in play.

This means that the more you sell, the more likely you'll continue selling going forward, until a lull in the sales pushes the item back down again in the search rankings.

The bad thing about this is that rarely found and sold items tend to remain that way, unless you pay SL some dinero and place the item in the featured list on top of each search page. We haven't done that in maybe a year or two, since we first started.

You could try "gaming" the system by buying your own stuff of course, but sooner or later the marketplace notices the trend and shuts down your store, so besides being akin to "cheating", it also becomes self-defeating after awhile.

Fortunately, I'm a smelly homeless hobo, so I don't need to pay for virtual real estate and can cruise along on the earnings of the stores...a cup of coffee once in awhile (or tea in my case), and some escort services when I get too lonely (I'm joking, I'm joking!)

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