Sunday, September 22, 2013

Introducing the DM Angel Hunt

 The new DM Angel Hunt takes Capture Roleplay (CARP) to a whole new level.

No need for laggy CARP sims full of jerks, stalkers and griefers. Now you can host your own CARP parties. Great for your sim, or for parties, or even just for couples who like to spice up their relationship.

The DM Angel Hunt allows people to designate a Prey, with all the other participants being Hunters, and set a time limit for a Hunt, in which the Hunters use tranquilizer guns to try to score points off the fleeing Prey.

Each time the Prey is hit, her health status goes down and once it reaches zero the Prey falls asleep.

The system keeps tracks of the scores, and the Hunter who accumulates the most scores after the game gets to keep the Prey, who automatically is "leashed" to the movements of the winner.

  • beautifully carved ANGEL STATUE functions as the game controller and will also function as decoration in your estate or home yard.
  • SCORING SYSTEM keeps track and displays the scores of Hunters.
  • PREY ICON above head of Prey shows status of the Prey at all times
  • PREY HEALTH is affected by hits and once health reaches 0% the Prey will fall asleep.
  • TRANQUILIZER DART GUN used by hunters has adjustable dart speed
  • the LENGTH OF HUNTS can be adjusted through chat command
  • the WINNING PLAYER gets to "keep" the Prey. The Prey automatically follows the winning Hunter once the game is finished.
  • ANIMATED ANGEL STATUE moves sword to show status of game play and flaps wings during active hunts
  • MULTIPLE players can participate as Hunters

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View demo statue here.

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