Monday, August 12, 2013

New Inworld Depraved Monkey Store

Tinka and I in front of our new Depraved Monkey Store.
We finally took the jump into running an inworld store, locating it in the GreyMyst shopping mall.

The SLURL to the store is:

Visitors to the store will find running demos of the Plumber's Pleasure, Santa's Revenge, Tusk Rituals, Fuck the Drunk Futon, and the newest not-for-sale yet DM Angel Hunt on the first floor, as well as buy posters for the smaller items in the DM inventory such as the DM Whip, DM Vibrators, and the like.

Moving to the second floor, they'll find three naughty elf and teddy bear toys from Serena's You're the One, including the naughty spanking Lecherous Leprechaun and the Master Teddy Bear.

In order to buy any item, visitors can simply right click on the relevant poster behind the demos and click BUY. A folder will appear in their inventory.

I'll be setting up the store as the landing point for people to get free gifts and join the old Monkey Elephant Group (MEG) as well.

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