Friday, May 12, 2017

Come little girl

I attended both Zodiac dances hosted by Meli, with DJ Stormy mixing the sounds, and the great venue to Taurus being created by Aria. Both were pretty fun and crowded, and the second event starting at 5 pm SLT was particularly well attended and lasted more than an hour after it was supposed to have ended. Avril and I ended up the last dancers more than 3 hours after the start. 

Come little girl, come.
Would you dance with me?

Come closer, don't be afraid.
I have horns, and demon wings, and I am dark as a moonlit night. But these are only surface trappings, and not reflections of my soul.

Come take my hand, let me guide you as you spread your wings, and we will fly together in soulful harmony, just you and I. 

Let me lift you up so you can touch the sky, then arch your neck in ecstasy as I trace the veined striations of your naked throat.

Let me drink from you, the subtle aromas and tastes that erupt like hot flowing blood as we deeply kiss.

Let me spread your pale form like a rich feast and devour the essence of you as I whisper sweet intentions in your ear.

Come little girl, come. 

Let your body be the sacrifice at the altar of my endless and darkest desires.


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