Saturday, March 11, 2017

Voice Chat Friday at Austin

My long time friend Dee (delightfulbrat) had invited me to a dance she and her new Master Brunor were throwing at their home about an hour before the voice chat, so I pestered Avril until she agreed to go along with me to the venue.

Brunor streamed some music and we had a nice time taking in the view and chit chatting with Dee and the other guests.

Begging Avril to please let me whomp on her sky monkey
The voice chat itself was great, with quite a large number of people dropping by. This would normally be a bit messy because there are usually people talking over other people when the crowd gets a bit too big, but this time we had almost no problems at all.

Much of the conversation revolved around mesh outfits and avatars, and poor Shah Joffe was the recipient of many an unwanted advice about how he should be updating his clothes and avi.

As always, Shah was a good sport, and the laughter run fast and furious at times when talk turned to tree trunks in one's pants and sage and laila's predilection for camming up the trousers of men *quickly stuffs another piece of lead across Big Mo*

I also learned that Laila has just about the best snort in all of Austin, perhaps even beating Linda's own snort-giggles, and Shah got a personal promise from Sage to help with a makeover.

All in all, another nice time with some of the regulars at Austin x

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