Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Skymonkey Incident

wtf is that sky monkey doing up there?
Avril has been a very good friend of Linda and I for more than two years now, but I still had the urge to catch her little pet and make it into monkey burrito as it perched on my head while I was talking to its owner.

Now, I must admit I have had the same hair and hairdo for about two years, and for all I know I've accumulated some funky rainforest ecology up there by now (yes, as Linda would say: "ewwwww!"), but what exactly is it doing up there? Picking lice? Getting ready to poop? Making a nice nest for some sky monkey babies?

The little critter continued to hover over my head during the Ratzu discussion later that day. I tried to swat the thing down, but fortunately for it, I was completely distracted by Avril's sexy creamy sideboobs *smh*

Mark my words though...its day of reckoning will soon come (most likely when its owner starts wearing a sweater)...then WHAM, BAM, TO THE MOON! *emits long evil laugh that dissolves into ragged coughing*

The beautiful owner of that $%#%#%$ sky monkey

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